Drone MJX x101: A stable and impressive drone for its price

This new drone MJX X101 presents itself as a direct competitor to the Tarantula X6 (the flying spider) which was my first big drone. The design follows the same scary look, but with colored LED lights forward, it looks more like a crab than a spider. The power supply of the MJX X101 is the same: 2 cell battery 7.4V 1200mAh, which allow up to 10 minutes of flight time.

Initially, I started the hobby with small and medium size drones because they were not very expensive, and larger does not necessarily mean better. As the price of large quadcopers is falling, they become popular and accessible to all.
For those interested in FPV (First Person View) drones, drones capable of streaming the video stream from their camera and controlling them as in a video game, the MJX X101 can be equipped with 3 different cameras:

The remote control has a professional look and can easily switch from mode 1 to mode 2 depending on the preferences of the driver. With a radial button (gas limit), you can set and limit the optimum flight speed.

Drone MJX x101

Drone MJX x101: He loves pirouettes!

Virevoltes are fun to do - outdoor only! On the other hand it consumes a lot of battery.

MJX X101: Quadcopter Specifications and Specifications

The characteristics of the MJX X101 are very attractive, judge for yourself:

Compatible with 3 different FPV cameras (C4005, MJX C4008 and C4009);
Anti-vibration camera fixing;
Return to take-off zone with one click (RTH);
Headless flight mode: the drone remains locked in the same direction - convenient for video;
2.4GHz radio transmitter with reversible sticks for mode 1 and mode 2;
Flight time: about 10 minutes;
LED lights for better orientation during night flights;
Size: 50x50x18cm (including the propellers).
The box of the MJX X101 contains:
The quad-copter itself;
Double 2.4 GHz in remote control mode;
Battery 1200mAh 7.4V 2cell Li-Po;
1set of propeller guards;
2pcs of landing pads;
1 set of replacement propellers;
12pcs micro screw;
Battery charger;
MJX X101 user guide.

Drone MJX x101: A stable and impressive drone for its price

Our opinion
This drone is wonderful because despite its imposing size and many features, its price remains very competitive. It allows to mount several types of camera, and is really stable. Only some users have noticed certain manufacturing defects (especially missed in the control of the remote control), so if you are ready for a little DIY, jump on this drone with a very good price / quality ratio. However, if you're starting out, we recommend buying a RTF drone with an on-board camera, such as the EAChine Racer 250 or the JJRC H13C.